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AX FALLS Layoffs hit Clinton Global Initiative as $$$ dries up

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LIVING IN FEAR: Smugglers upend daily life for border town residents

Eugene Cernan, last man to walk on the moon, dead at 82 - VIDEO: Astronaut Gene Cernan dead at 82 - VIDEO: Capt. Jim Lovell salutes Gene Cernan - FLASHBACK: Gene Cernan talks 'The Last Man on the Moon'

Black Lives Matter activists aim to rewrite MLK's legacy of peace - Juan Williams: Race, Obama and Trump

'Surreal': Suspect's parents in Slender Man case express their initial shock

3 shot, 5 others injured at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Miami on MLK Day

Istanbul nightclub attack suspect reportedly nabbed after 2-week manhunt

Father, toddler swept into ocean from Oregon beach, officials say

TODD STARNES: 'Deplorables' look beyond Inauguration Day - VIDEO: New Starnes book salutes 'Deplorable Americans'

6 reported dead in attack on security checkpoint in Egypt

Grandfather fights off 3-year-old's would-be kidnapper

Cowboys loss sacks Super Bowl ticket prices

Let it slide: Ice skater propelled across frozen lake with chainsaw

FBI arrests wife of Orlando nightclub killer Omar Mateen - VIDEO: Wife of Orlando massacre gunman arrested by FBI

In shadow of Mosul operation, residents of ISIS-occupied Hawija suffer, wait

Parents are building a Texas neighborhood just for autistic adults

Gun-rights groups hope Trump nixes Social Security role in background checks - Law would cut off aid to countries that refuse to accept illegal immigrant criminals

Dogs missing after rescue van crashes, killing driver

Cops bust clever toll cheat

Saldana: Stars are 'bullies'

Joss wishes Ryan dead

'Get Smart' star dies at 85

Big news for Jack Daniel's

New material stuns scientists

Mold in popular baby toy

Mystery space plane goes far

Millennials: No survival skill

January's wild birthday bash

Rodgers family feud explodes

Illegal to travel here?

Rare seadragon spotted

Chainsaw rips skater over ice